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Hydrate IV Bar encourages clients to “step out of the hustle and into Hydrate.” All locations in Boulder and Denver, Colorado promote wellness from within. The IV Bar has a variety of registered nurses who provide IV nutrient therapy in a restorative, spa-like atmosphere.

The stigma around IV bars is that they only “cure hangovers,” however, Hydrate IV Bar tends to a wide range of customers of all ages and lifestyles — athletes, busy moms, chronic illness warriors, business travelers and more. In the past, people have come to focus on altitude sickness, anti-aging and athletic recovery.

Hydrate IV Bar values safety and professionalism above all else, and prides themselves on their locations “feeling more like a spa than a clinic.” Large leather chairs, soothing music, essential oils and a team of nurses make the space feel safe, welcome and comfortable.

Hydrate IV Bar hopes that a visit with them can help you recharge and refresh your routine. They will help you choose the right service for you, and then you can simply sit back, relax and rehydrate.

They offer a monthly membership for $125/month, which includes one IV and one B12 injection, 30% off additional services and 10% off retail.

Learn more about their seven locations across Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Phoenix:

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