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During the global pandemic, health and wellness became more vital than ever for Jess Woodward. Already battling with anxiety, the pandemic took it to a new level — as did it for many people. Feelings of uncertainty, fear and frustration were prevalent. Practicing yoga for six years and teaching for two, the pandemic was the ultimate test for Woodward as she completely fell out of touch with her own yoga practice, teaching and passions in life. Woodward felt the anxiety taking over and knew she had to act immediately to get back in touch with yoga. With patience and undivided attention, Woodward taught herself through YouTube videos how to create mala beads, a popular mediation tool used in yoga.

Malas have been around for over 3,000 years in India and are still commonly used in yoga as a meditation tool. Each mala that Woodward creates is hand-knotted and made with love and intention. Starting back in April 2020, Jess found that each time she created a mala she would set an intention and/or mantra to the mala by choosing which gemstone(s) to use depending on the energy she was needing that day. Carnelian and Rose Quartz became her two favorite gemstones during the global pandemic. Carnelian promotes motivation and encourages creativity when in stagnation; Rose Quartz represents self-love and self-care.

Woodward created her brand Malas by Jess in December 2020, hoping to share her passion and journey through selling her malas on Instagram, Etsy and pop-up yoga events.

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Instagram: @jesswoodwardyoga

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