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Mountain Soul Yoga is a valued Distribution Partner with YOGA + Life® Magazines. 

Body. Mind. Soul. All elements of every being that have the potential to be transformed through yoga. Mountain Soul Yoga in Edwards, Colorado, nurtures balance through Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative classes, while also offering the opportunity for Ayurveda wellness consultations. Ayurveda is a holistic medical science that intends to teach preventative measures in wellness. Classes and wellness consultations at Mountain Soul are meant to complement one another on the journey to a more balanced you. 

The studio is, “intelligent by design,” as it aims to not only teach people something about yoga, but also something about themselves. A tangible passion for student-teacher connections within the boutique experience translates to purposeful encounters. As a studio that values quality over quantity, this space and its teachers expresses the wisdom of yoga in a way that encourages students to take what they have learned off of their mats and integrate it into their daily lives. The teachers aspire to not only bring awareness to the body, but to awaken the intentions behind one’s decisions, actions and words. 

Mountain Soul Yoga invites people to venture from what they already know, to recognize that there is always the chance to relinquish the attachments of who and what you think you are meant to be, and embrace positive change and growth. Ultimately, in the studio owner Julia Clarke’s own words, to “risk your significance.”

Learn more about Mountain Soul Yoga and see a schedule at: 


Mountain Soul Yoga 

56 Edwards Village Blvd, Edwards, Colorado

(970) 446-6485


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