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Root Center is a valued Distribution Partner with CO YOGA + Life® Magazine.

Root. Center. Both are nouns, but they are also actions. The studio supports everyone in reclaiming and recalibrating a sense of center, due to firm rooting in practice. Here, yoga meets the individual where they are, rather than forcing them to fit in or “do” yoga a certain way, through sustainable, meaningful, accessible, empowering methods.

They offer diverse classes and styles, drawing from many traditions to offer robust and nourishing options for everybody and any body. They also refrain from classifying class levels, but, rather, list classes according to the five elements and direct students according to what best serves them in a holistic way. It’s not about performance of the body, but cultivating, embodying and transmitting yoga in life far beyond the mat.

Root as a collective seeks to support anyone who walks through their doors. They offer physically rigorous classes, but don’t leave out the rigor of focused awareness either. From Restorative and Yin to Forrest and Iyengar to Yoga Therapy, a multitude of choices are offered; it all depends on the individual. Root Center vows to “dig deep, to the root of things, from a place of loving curiosity,” in order to become a transformative and authentic sanctuary.

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Root: Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies

617 N 17th Street, Suite 200

Colorado Springs, CO 80904




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