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Samari Works is a way to honor your feminine spirit through community, reflection and creativity. Founded in 2020 by Sara Blette and Lexis Krieg, Samari Works is at the forefront of combining movement, meditation, writing and art into a meaningful self-care experience. More than just another art class, each experience is intentionally planned to guide you on a journey tailored to awaken your own creative heart.

Through workshops, retreats and online events, Sara and Lexis create a community-driven space free of ego and judgment, allowing you to align with your

intuition and to be your most creative self. Their events bring together Sara’s grounded meditations complimented by Lexis’ years of experience as a professional artist to hone in the perfect balance of reflection and creation.

Sara leads participants in meditation to prime their minds to create, letting go of the world around them, aligning their thoughts with their inner self and listening to the wisdom hidden within. Then, Lexis guides participants in watercolor exercises, so that they can play and explore without the pressure of perfection.

Whether you identify as a burnt-out creative professional, an out-of-practice creator, an “I’m not creative” or someone who just wants a mini retreat from the daily grind, you’ll leave a Samari Works event feeling inspired and restored so that you can lead your most creative life.

“I felt overwhelming warmth, love and joy that Sara and Lexis nurtured. I want to go to all of [their events!]”— Natalie

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