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The Conscious Merchant is a valued Distribution Partner with CO YOGA + Life® Magazine.

The Conscious Merchant focuses on helping people make clean and sustainable choices when it comes to homeware. Since not everyone’s path towards a cleaner lifestyle is the same, The Conscious Merchant willingly meets customers wherever they are on their sustainability journey and helps guide them through the experience. It’s not about perfection, just progress.

The Conscious Merchant’s team of experts research clean products to purchase and verifies the vendors to ensure quality. The store is designed to provide customers with an immersive experience in a space that feels “like they are in a home.” Once there, customers can learn about the products by researching them on the store’s interactive tablets, as well as feel the actual products and see how they can be integrated into daily life.

The Conscious Merchant seeks to promote a healthier living environment to individuals, families and even businesses. They hope to educate consumers on ways to be less wasteful and more conscious of their choices.

Learn more about the store:



The Conscious Merchant

2220 E Colfax Ave

Denver, CO


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