Try It On : Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer | By Kim Fuller

Last Updated: September 24, 2021By

I have grown increasingly attached to wearing the Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer as an extra layer on the way to yoga or the gym and as my main running long sleeve during the winter months. The shirt is made with Australian Merino wool that is impressively soft against the skin.  

The Woolmark Company (a non-profit representing 66,000 Australian wool growers) partnered with Tracksmith to engineer this Merino mesh that provides ultimate breathability and comfort.   

This piece is both functional and stylish and helps regulate temperature. Unlike synthetic wicking materials, Merino stays warm even when it’s wet, and as bonus for the planet the wool is a natural and sustainable fiber.   

I love the engineered Merino mesh on the Brighton Base Layer that is more open around the core, with a closed knit on the sleeves for a little more coverage and warmth on extremities. While the design of the shirt is specific to a training base layer to be worn under a jacket or mid-layer, the flattering fit is not too tight and makes it so the top can be worn all by itself.  

Merino wool is often thought of as a material for cold, outdoor activities, but it’s great for all weather and all layers. Not only does it have temperature control, odor control and moisture management, but it’s also natural, renewable and biodegradable so it’s so much better for the environment than synthetics. 

The Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer fits pretty true to size, but for a little extra room size up.


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