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Our bodies give us the space to explore, exercise and journey through space and time. But, to be able to suitability keep at all of this, it is important to prioritize recovery.

Every body is enveloped in a network of connective tissue known as fascia, which, like any other bodily component, undergoes wear and tear with time. Factors such as repetitive overuse, stress and injury can hasten the degeneration of this crucial tissue. Enter Rollga, a premium foam roller and recovery tool brand designed to rejuvenate damaged fascia by promoting the circulation of oxygen-rich blood flow. By preventing fascial degradation, Rollga ensures the maintenance of tissue health, ultimately leading to the restoration of mobility.

Keep reading for our go-to movements using the Rollga Standard Foam Roller + Rollga Activator Massage Ball.


Crafted from medium-density foam, this innovative tool offers a balanced blend of firmness and support, making it ideal for a variety of exercises.

One of its standout benefits lies in its ability to enhance flexibility. Studies have revealed that utilizing a Rollga Foam Roller can yield a remarkable 22% increase in flexibility, surpassing traditional flat rollers by an impressive 8%. Whether you’re striving for deeper stretches or aiming to improve your range of motion, this roller is your go-to companion.

Additionally, research indicates that incorporating this tool into your routine can lead to a reduction in muscle soreness by 6% or more, offering relief and promoting quicker recovery after intense exercise sessions or weightlifting.

But the benefits don’t end there. The Rollga Foam Roller’s patented design prioritizes your comfort and safety, particularly in the delicate areas of your back and neck. Its unique construction minimizes spine compression and bone bruising, ensuring a soothing back massage experience while also delivering precise pressure to neck muscles, thanks to its ribbed structure.

Not to mention, the tool is crafted from professional-grade foam. This roller maintains its shape over time, guaranteeing long-lasting durability for your present and future fitness journeys.



Your quadriceps play a dominant role in our everyday lives. From mountaineering to muscle toning workouts, this group of muscles serves as a powerhouse, facilitating movement and stability. Take care of these muscles, and your hips and knees will thank you later as well.

Begin this exercise in a forearm plank position. Place your Rollga in the middle of your thighs. Engage your core and glutes to maintain this shape. Once you feel stable, slowly push your forearms forward and back to neutral to roll your body across the Rollga. This movement is small — only move so far that your Rollga goes to your pelvic floor and above your knees.



Healthy shins help preserve a healthy base of support. Strong shins help preserve a healthy base of support, crucial for stability and proper alignment during various activities. By strengthening and maintaining the health of your shins, you can enhance overall lower body function and reduce the risk of injury.

Begin in a neutral table. Tuck your toes for added foot recovery. Then place the Rollga Foam Roller under tour ankles and lift your hips upward to feel the roller glide along your shins. Maintain pressure on tight spots for 30-45 seconds or until discomfort subsides. To advance your technique, elevate one leg off the roller while engaging your core to ensure your leg and back remain parallel to the floor while moving. Alternatively, try crossing your ankles and stacking one leg over the other as you roll for added intensity.



The Rollga contours beautifully to your lumbar spine, activating targeted relief and support precisely where you need it most. Practicing this shape will inevitably protect your tailbone and fortify your 360-degree core, fostering improved stability and overall spinal health. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal alignment, making it an essential tool for enhancing your primitive posture.

Lie on your back with your arms on your side. Plant your feet on the floor. Your ankles should be only as far as your middle finger can barely graze them. Lift your tailbone and place your Rollga Foam Roller vertically underneath yourself. Move your low back around as your search for the perfect acupressure spot. Allow your legs to flare open for an added hip opener.


The Rollga Activator Ball uses both neuro activators (rough bumps on one side of the ball designed to interact with the skin) on one side and a lacrosse-ball-like design on the reverse side. This Activator Ball is designed to stimulate fascia and unlock tension. Small nodes run around the ball to identify trigger points and break apart muscle knots. The Activator Ball from Rollga is compact, light and incredibly useful — keep it in your car, gym bag or bring it when traveling!



Hard-to-reach knots can cause lots of tension and strain in the back. Using the Activator Ball to work out these knots can find a lot of relief. With the Activator Ball secured between your back and the wall with the lacrosse ball side touching your back. Focus on one quadrant at a time rolling up and down, side to side making small movements. When you find a trigger point, hold the ball there and breathe deeply.



Tight calves are a common issue for many and the source for a lot of knee, ankle and foot pain! Weak and tight calves cause the other muscles in the lower leg, ankle and foot to work in overtime.

Sit on the floor with your leg extended, place the Activator Ball right above your Achilles, keeping the ankle relaxed with the lacrosse ball side facing up. Place your other foot on the floor to roll back and forth. Slowly roll your leg over the Activator Ball up to the back of your knee. Where you find tightness, hold the position until the spot releases, then continue to roll. Roll the sides of your calves and point and fleet your toe to work the knots within the calf.



Tight IT Bands are often a trigger for knee pain. With manual massage, you can easily loosen and soften this area. Take the nodes of the Activator Ball and run them down your IT Band on the outside of your thighs to find the area where the pain is the greatest, or the fascia is the tightest. Then take the Activator Ball on both the lacrosse ball and neuro activator side to work the muscle until you feel release. Looking for a more intense release? Press the notes in to the outside of your thigh for indicate the trigger point and hold there until released.


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