What We Love Summer + Fall 2023

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Green Llama

Green Llama Bottles

These eco-friendly cleaning products are a great alternative to single-use, throw away plastic cleaners. Fill each glass bottle with warm water and a biodegradable pod before use; then, refill as needed. The non-toxic solutions are safe, sustainable and effective at removing dirt and grime. $39.95 for complete home cleaning kit.

HOLOS Organic Overnight Muesli

Holos muesli

This delicious and nutritious breakfast option can be prepared the night before for added convenience. Made from high-quality ingredients, such as whole grains, nuts and fruits, this muesli provides a good source of fiber and protein to start your day off right. It also comes in a variety of flavors and is free from artificial additives. Starts at $4.42 per meal.

Cotopaxi Cerro Travel Tight

Cotopaxi Cerro Travel Tight

From yoga and hiking to errands and road trips, these are ideal for anyone who wants a comfortable and versatile pair of leggings while on the move. They are stretchy, moisture-wicking and quick-drying, and they feature a hidden pocket to stash your cash or car key. $90


Klean Kanteen 14 oz Rise Mug

Klean Kanteen 14 oz Rise Mug

Get your hefty mug fix when you’re on the go with this durable option that features a leak-proof cap and comfortable handle. It’s made from post-consumer recycled stainless steel. We’ve used it at the office and on a backcountry hut trip, with hot and cold beverages, and its only downside is that it may not fit in your car cup holder. $32.95

The Wild & Sacred Feminine Deck

The Wild & Sacred Feminine Deck

This beautiful and empowering tarot deck celebrates divine feminine energy. It features stunning artwork and insightful messages, offering guidance and inspiration for those who want to connect with their intuition and inner wisdom. Included is a guidebook that provides detailed explanations and interpretations of each card. $35


Adidas Sport SP0060 Aviators

Adidas Sport SP0060 Aviator

Pair an active lifestyle with these lightweight sunglasses. Their stylish and practical design has modern features with a timeless look, and the high-quality KOLOR UP lenses help to enhance color. Wear them to and from yoga, on the trail or during a sunny outdoor lunch. $156


icemule jaunt

This backpack cooler bag comes in two sizes— 9 liters and 15 liters — with a lightweight and portable design that keeps food and drinks cold for up to 24 hours. It features a roll-top closure and adjustable shoulder straps for added convenience and comfort. $89.95-$109.95

Rumpl Everywhere Mat

rumbl everywhere mat

Made from high-quality materials, such as ripstop nylon and waterproof TPU coating, this packable mat is designed to withstand the elements and provide a comfortable surface to sit or sleep on. It features a compact and lightweight design, so it’s easy to take on outings like picnics, camping and to the beach. $80

BioLite SiteLight String

string lights

Light up any season, inside or out, with this compact and lightweight string of lights that can be easily hung anywhere. It features a USB-rechargeable battery and a durable construction, so you can use it on an outdoor patio, to illuminate an evening yoga class or create more ambiance at a campsite. $19.95


Royal Robbin’s Hempline Short Sleeve Shirt

royal robbins mens hempline short sleeve

This shirt is made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton, combining style and sustainability. The classic design made with more modern fabric makes it wrinkle resistant, versatile and comfortable to dress up or down. $85


Patagonia Regenerative Organic Cotton Stand Up Shorts

patagonia shorts

Available in men’s and women’s styles, these shorts are made from regeneratively grown, organic cotton. They are a durable and comfortable addition to your Colorado summer wardrobe. $79-$89

Knog Scout Bike Alarm & Finder

scout bike alarm and finder

This convenient and reliable device helps protect your bike from theft. With its loud alarm and real-time tracking capabilities, the Scout can deter thieves and help you locate your bike in case it gets stolen. It also features a long battery life, a waterproof design and a user-friendly app. $59.95


Chaco Townes

chaco townes

The Townes Collection is Chaco’s all-new lifestyle, around-the-town footwear style. The Townes, Townes Midform and Townes Slide are made with full-grain leather straps, are lined with leather and have a metal buckle. The Midform is pictured here. $110-$115

No Stranger Mushroom Coffee

mushroom coffee

Made with a blend of organic coffee and medicinal mushrooms, such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi and L-Theanine, this coffee provides a natural energy boost and mental clarity. It also has a smooth and rich flavor that is perfect for coffee lovers who want to try something new.$19.99 per bag


Originally published in Summer + Fall 2023 issue of Colorado YOGA + life.


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