Yoga on the Mountain, Snowmass | By Lexi Reich

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Yoga festivals carved into quaint mountain settings are special opportunities to experience the essence of yoga: union. 

Yoga on the Mountain took place the last weekend of July in the picturesque Snowmass Village. Located in the Aspen area, Snowmass is small, charming and absolutely beautiful — the ski mountains surround the entire town. In fact, Yoga on the Mountain is the highest elevation of any festival in the country! 

Snowmass embraces the livelihood of outdoor recreation and wellness. Along with yoga, mountain bike races, kids camps and other events trickle in the area. This place creates a special space of connection to nature and one another. 

Unlike other larger festivals, Yoga on the Mountain is a more intimate gathering focused on community, creating, learning and sharing. Attendees could walk out their lodge front door and be steps away from a unique yoga class or informational talk they’ve never tried before. 

The CO YOGA + Life Magazine team hiked up the Rim Trail on Friday and Saturday morning to watch the full moon set and sun rise. At the top awaits a yin yang mandala known as the Spiral Point. The complementary forces present created a wholesome start to each day: night and day, yin and yang, rest and effort. 

Yoga itself is about this balance, said Evan Soroka, certified yoga therapist, in one of her classes at the festival. Through the practice, yogis explore the relationship between these forces to unify with the highest self. 

One of the many highlights of the weekend was flowing to live music from We Dream Dawn, an indie group whose music perfectly captures the relaxing, heartfelt energy of Yoga on the Mountain. They played Thursday night at the Snowmass Free Concert Series and the next morning for Gina Caputo’s “Yoga Mountain Jam.” It was an unprecedented experience that deepened the connection to the practice. 

Whether you’re interested in learning about gut health, flowing to a heated Beyonce soundtrack, surrendering in a Yoga Nidra class or practicing with world-renowned and local yoga teachers alike, Yoga on the Mountain has something new to offer you. Immersing oneself in the yoga community and being fully present in all its teachings for one weekend is transformative in unifying the mind, body and spirit.

Photo credit: Craig Turpin


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