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While staying true to its promise of healing the mind and body, yoga in Colorado is so much more than a traditional studio experience. Designed to enliven the senses and provide an innovative environment, below are just a few of the dozens of unique offerings you can find throughout the state.

SunWater Spa in Manitou Springs now offers Glowga classes, which are practiced under black lights, as well as Fireside Yoga and Candle Light Yoga, which are held next to a blazing fireplace or surrounded by the glow of candlelight, according to Ros Prado, events and yoga manager.

“Changing the environment allows our students to look at their practice through a playful lens, let loose and relax in an environment that is both fun and safe,” says Prado.

Added to the mix is Unnata Aerial Yoga at a studio outside Boulder, which uses fabric hanging from the ceiling to suspend the students. And not to be outdone, the Downtown Aquarium in Denver has been offering Yoga Under the Sea at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. With these and many more, you now have a full sensory experience while practicing your downward dog.

Glowga, SunWater Spa 

Unlike a typical class, Glowga is practiced under black lights. But this is not just any yoga class; it’s a fun, interactive practice with upbeat music that will leave you feeling energized. Glow in the dark art is set-up throughout the room and 3-D glasses are offered to students for a fun, sensual experience.

Fireside Yoga, SunWater Spa

Set to return to the schedule in the fall, this Friday evening class is 60 minutes of a warm, fireside, slow flow. Lights are dim, movements are slow and relaxation after your busy week is guaranteed.

Candle Light Yoga, SunWater Spa

Returning to the schedule in May, Candle Light Yoga includes a peaceful and relaxing ambiance that allows us relax and let go of the day’s stress. It is a multi-level practice illuminated by candles with gentle movements and soft music that allows you to relax and de-stress.

Unnata Aerial Yoga, Figure Yoga

Akin to aerial silks in the circus, this practice incorporates the fabrics hanging from the ceiling into suspended yoga practices. According to the website, fans say it deepens your stretches, provides an extra muscular challenge and is a great way to decompress your spine… and it’s a lot of fun.

Yoga Under the Sea, Denver Downtown Aquarium

Offered on select dates, primarily in the spring and summer, yoga is practiced in front of the tanks at the aquarium. Surrounded by sharks, turtles and fish, the ambiance is soothing and exhilarating.



Photos by SunWater Spa and Zack Leas.

A public relations specialist, with clients in the healing arts and fitness, Sharon W. House has also written beauty and wellness articles for Fit and Fit Yoga magazines and is the co-author of “Gurus Guide to Serenity: A Me-Time Menu of Celebrity Stress-Reducers.”

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