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Summer is upon us and we are blessed with a plethora of fun under the Colorado sun. Come experience the true meaning of sun salutations as we welcome the light of day in one of the most magical places on Earth. Yoga on the Rocks, presented by Denver Arts & Venues, has returned for its sixth season, partnering with The River and Core Power Yoga to unite us as one community. Whether you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Yoga on the Rocks is sure to open your body and your heart, while fostering the joy of being alive in this moment.

Red Rocks Amphitheater is a world-renowned music venue and pristine piece of nature. The energetic vibration of the venue alone is worth the trip. Many of the greatest creative minds of our time have graced the main stage and left a little piece of their hearts behind. Experience for yourself the kind of oneness with Source that happens off the mat: the divinity you feel when walking around the grounds, marching up the steps or gazing out from the stands.

You come to remember just how beautiful the natural world is and that you are a part of it all.

Yoga is the connection to our roots; it is the connection to the rhythm of the Earth. Think about it in this way, we have a body that moves and continuously changes, and we live among a constantly changing and moving body. I believe our purpose in life is to use our bodies as instruments of joy. The cosmos is an inexhaustible celebration and our purpose is to recognize it and to partake in it. My experience of Yoga on the Rocks last year was nothing short of phenomenal. As I closed my eyes, I felt an invigorating pulse move through me, the same kind of charge I feel when I fall deep into a writing flow or chant after class.

In that moment it was clear to me that one of the reasons I practice yoga and meditation, arguably the utmost reason I practice, is to experience being a part of something bigger than me.

We all practice at one studio or another, but ultimately we all come from the same community.  We may each have different reasons for stepping onto our mats, yet we arrive together. I have often heard that your intention is magnified by the amount of beating hearts in the room. Joining together as a community of 2,000-plus yogis now becomes a powerful agent of change. I have thought many times while practicing that the amount of love and happiness generated in one area has to move in the Earth in a positive way. Yoga on the Rocks reveals the grandeur of our collective breathing.

I bow in deepest gratitude for Denver Arts & Venues, Red Rocks Amphitheater, The River, and Core Power Yoga for bringing us together year after year. My invitation for our community is to keep the loving and healing energy alive. Where do we go from here and what can we do next? We practice so we may skillfully take yoga off our mats and into the world. I think this year we should show our appreciation for the event and make a game plan to change the world. We are all in this together. Together we are stronger.

2018 Schedule

The River

June 9th – Paige Butkus

June 16th – Kady Lafferty

June 23rd – Christen Bakken

June 30th – Christa Schwind

Core Power Yoga

July 28th – Tunde Borrego + Raj Seymour

August 4th – Beryl Fanslow

August 11th – Derise Anjanette

August 18th – Kacey Kingry + Kelly Wilson

For more information, visit Red Rocks — Yoga at

Taylor Rose is a dreamer, writer and wildly energetic being. She has her Masters in Environmental Leadership, is certified in Authentic Leadership, and teaches various forms of yoga. She believes we are a physical embodiment of the sacred source and our purpose is to not only witness, but to participate in the inexhaustible celebration we call life. Taylor Rose strives to help others reach new levels of awareness and appreciation for the magic and mystery of our world, both internally and externally.

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