Becca Tudor

Becca Tudor : Owner of FUEL Telluride and Co-Founder of Telluride WOW Festival

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What do you teach, and how do you create a powerful class?

As an instructor, I strive to have an arsenal of movement modalities. I teach total body, sculpt, cardio dance, Pilates, yoga sculpt, strength and movement, Gyrotonic, boot camp and circuit classes, TRX and any other request thrown at me.

Becca Tudor

You were just certified as a yoga teacher. How do you integrate the practice into your coaching, your retreats and Telluride and WOW?

Integrating yoga into my programming is very natural. I have always done it regardless of being conscience of calling it yoga. A good instructor can teach, a great instructor can incorporate all aspects of movement to create an experience of strength, flexibility, mobility, nutrition and mindset. All these pieces make the whole.

Getting certified in yoga was additional education for me. Learning makes you better. Continuing education is important for obvious reasons, but is vital in the health and wellness industry as things are constantly changing and moving at lightening speeds.

Where do you feel the most inspired?

It’s WHEN — when I’m rested, I am inspired and can deliver my best.

Name three Coloradoans who you feel are influencers and why?

I don’t follow anyone specifically. I strive to forge a new path.

With that being said, the following people have had an impact in my life.

1) Narcis, Husband. This guy is my 70%, without him I would not be doing what I’m doing. He supports ALL my crazy ideas.

2) Albert Roer: Mentor and role model.

3) David Farmer: Former gym owner and boss. 

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Originally published in the Summer + Fall 2017 issue


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