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There are five major sources of toxins that accumulate in the body: food, water, metabolic toxins or internal waste products, hidden environmental chemicals (from body care, household products, and industrial pollutants), and electromagnetic radiation or frequencies (EMFs). When we examine all of these avenues we are truly looking at holistic health. 

Water is Life toxins

It is advised to drink half of your weight, in ounces, of water per day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water per day. If you exercise that day, you need to increase water intake even more by 15-20 ounces.

There are many harmful chemicals in tap water like heavy metals, plastics, chlorine, fluoride, petrochemicals, pesticides, and medications. These end up in tap water due to fracking, farming, and urine. Bottled water is not the answer, either! Most bottled water is unregulated and is stored in plastics that contain phthalates, BPA, and other toxic petrochemicals. Carbon filters or reverse-osmosis filter systems work best.

Keep it Moving: Elimination and Metabolic Wastes

There are four P’s that keep your body detoxing naturally and daily. The four P’s are expressed through the kidneys (pee), through the intestines (poop), through the skin (perspiration), and through breathing (pranayama).

While on the Down to Earth nutritional detox, include psyllium husk in a small amount of water if you experience any constipation. This can also be used for any loose stools. Most symptoms will relieve themselves with proper hydration and decreased inflammation in the digestive tract.

Avoid Environmental Chemical Toxins

Just as food can be loaded with chemicals, all beauty and household cleaning products are, too. Check out your local natural grocery store for less toxic versions of cleaning products and beauty products. The Think Dirty app on your mobile phone is another helpful tool to learn the safest and best solutions for you.

If this seems overwhelming, start detoxing your home one product at a time. As things run out, replace them with safer versions of the product.

Avoid Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)

Electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, come from technology, microwaves, and electricity. EMFs overstimulate us and disrupt our magnetic fields by supplying an abundance of positive ions. Our magnetic fields are made of both both positive and negative ions.

To combat the abundance of positive ions from EMF frequencies, install Himalayan salt lamps in frequented rooms of your house. These salt lamps emit negative ions, as well as help trap water vapor and dust in your environment. Ever wonder why you feel so good when you walk on the beach without your shoes? It’s because the earth and water provide us with negative ions, just like salt lamps.

You don’t have to be at the beach though to benefit from negative ions and grounding. Take your shoes off and feel the dirt (make sure it’s free of pesticides, insecticides, etc.) underneath your feet. Ground yourself this way wherever you can. Another great tip is to keep your cell phone in airplane mode when you sleep. This will ensure better sleep due to less EMF interaction.

Cara Jaffee is a Denver nutritionist and entrepreneur that just published her first book entitled Down to Earth: Find the Answers You Need to Transform Your Health with Real Food. The excerpt above is based off of her new book and protocol, which is based around stabilizing blood sugar with quality, unprocessed, and real food. By understanding these principles you have the power to transform your health.

People have found this book useful for weight loss, acid reflux, digestive issues, more energy, better sleep, improvement in type 2 diabetes, and a gentle detox as the protocol is targeted to decrease inflammation, remove toxins, and rejuvenate cells.

A portion of all eBook sale will go directly to the National Parks Conservation Association as Cara feels that without our connection to public lands and the outdoor world we will lose our connection to real food.

Cara Jaffee, CNTP is a functional or holistic nutritionist based in Denver, Colorado. You can learn more about Premier Nutrition Therapy at

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