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Daybreaker is a morning dance movement in 21 cities around the world and growing. Each session kicks off with one hour of yoga or fitness experience and then opens up the floor to dance with reckless abandon for two hours before work. You never know where the next location will be or what surprises are in store.

Daybreaker brings back the gift of play, dance and self-expression in an environment that is focused on inclusiveness, authentic connection and community. It was born as a social experiment in New York in 2013 by founders Radha Agrawal and Matt Brimer. They wanted to replace all the negative, exclusionary, dark and judgmental aspects of nightclubs with real connection, light and positivity.

“So often when we’re dancing we need to drink because there’s a level of self consciousness around self-expression, and the idea of Daybreaker was let’s remove the alcohol, let’s get back into our bodies and let’s really connect to ourselves and self-express authentically. In the morning is where your energy is highest, where you’re most optimistic, where we all came from the same place, our bed,” says Agrawal.

Daybreaker launched in Denver on September of 2016, teaming up with the NFL at Sports Authority Field at Mile High — 1,500 people joined Rob Loud of Yoga Pod and Natalie Uhling of NuFit for an hour of yoga and exercise, followed by an all out morning dance rave filled with mischievous surprises. Boulder launched one month later and they’ve been holding monthly events in both cities switching up venues, DJs, artists and themes to keep partygoers inspired and surprised.

Daybreaker Colorado has partnered with different yoga partners like Yoga Pod, Colorado School of Yoga, CorePower Yoga, and Gaia, to bring leaders of the yoga community to new yogis and seasoned practitioners alike.

“It works in Boulder and Denver, as well as nationally and globally, because so many of us as starved for this type of connection and self expression in a safe and exciting space,” says Colorado producer, Rachel Klein Namordi. “We love seeing how quickly our community comes together early in the morning, and how it impacts their day, week and beyond.”

Photos courtesy of Daybreaker Colorado



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