Event Spotlight : WUB Gathering in Banff, Canada

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Paul Puzanoski says it was more than a spark of inspiration that propelled him to start the WUB Gathering, a conscious wellness summit happening next month —  November 9 – 12, 2018 —  in Banff, Cananda.

“It was more of a calling and hard push from the universe that I couldn’t ignore than an inspiration,” he shares, “but I guess you could say that it came from my own life experiences and personal journey.”

Imagine a TED talk had a baby with a meditation, yoga, conscious retreat and some art and music got in on the action. That’s how Puzanoski has described the weekend, which will be filled with talks, meditation, food, entertainment, workshops, yoga and like-minded people. Pair all that with four days at a 46-acre resort in the Canadian Rockies, and there’s no limit to the amount of transformative experiences that can be shared.

“So many people, practices, events and offerings have personally impacted my life in such amazing loving huge ways,” shares Puzanoski. “The vision and goal was to share this love and create a space for people to connect with themselves, others and amazing speakers, teachers, and facilitators in a unique way.”

Puzanoski says he often jokes about having passion for making people cry.

“Not in a mean way of course, but I like to say that if there are tears of joy, big shifts and transformation happening, we’ve really done our jobs well,” he explains. “I wanted to create something to share some of the things that have opened the door for growth, transformation, and major shifts in my life and share them with as many people as possible.”

The event is about passion and purpose, with a mission to bring the latest thinking and insights in mindfulness and wellbeing together in one place.

“We have so many amazing sessions, workshops, and speakers involved so guests really get to choose what is best for them,” says Puzanoski. “I’m honestly struggling myself to choose which sessions to go to, but luckily we’ve designed things in a way that you don’t need to pre-register for anything other than the event of course, so you can literally decide in the moment based on what feels right.”

Join CO YOGA + Life Magazine® at the WUB Gathering this November in the stunning Canadian Rockies and curate your own experience based on what’s right for you. Whether you’re a spiritual seeker who’s looking to deepen their path or an executive that needs a four-day wellness detox, WUB has what you are looking for.

Photos courtesy of WUB Gathering.


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