Hanuman Festival 2018

Hanuman : A Hometown Festival with Global Appeal

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Colorado hosts a lot of yoga festivals, each with a unique angle to movement, wellness, music and community. Hanuman Festival is one of the most notable annual yoga gatherings in the state. This year, from Thursday, June 14 through Sunday, June 17, 2018, attendees can embrace a four-day celebration of inspirational experiences.

But don’t just take our word for it. YogaSlackers Matt Wilson and Kristen Golden say Human has a unique presence:

“It has a very small, hometown feeling while still having a very worldly presence.”

“Hanuman has big-name international teachers like Seane Corn while also having a large presence of local teachers from Boulder and other Colorado towns. The vendors and scheduling also reflect a more authentic yoga experience as opposed to the overtly commercialization of other larger yoga festivals. The ambience is very warm and inviting at this community oriented gathering.”

2018 Hanuman yoga teacher Olivia Hsu says she likes that the teachers Hanuman hosts are “carefully curated,” making for a diverse offering:

“Everything from Ashtanga to kundalini to meditation. Boulder has always been a spiritual place energetically, hence why Naropa’s founder decided to be here. There is a huge yoga community here and so yoga has been a part of this town’s culture for a very long time.

Also when else can you do yoga with some of the best teachers in the world and go for a scenic hike, or even go rock climbing as part of the festival?”

Govind Das and Radha are a husband and wife team, and are the directors and owners of Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, California.

Remarking on the festival, Govind Das put it simply, saying that “Hanuman Festival has heart.”

“The Festival is built around the energy of Hanuman, the Yogi SuperHero Monkey Deity who is the embodiment of love, service and devotion.”

“The vibe is joyful, the teachers are amazing and the music is otherworldly!”

“In that spirit of love and devotion yogi’s from all over gather in Boulder to learn, sing, dance, share and uplift eachother’s hearts for three days! What an absolute gift!”

And what about Boulder? This mecca of wellbeing and mindfulness could possibly be one of the best places in the world to hold a wellness gathering.

“Boulder has a very distinct reputation as a little bit hippy and happening town with a great view of the mountains,” says Kristen Golden from YogaSlackers. “It’s filled with open-minded, fun-loving people and has a very socially and environmentally conscious attitude you can feel just walking around Pearl Street.”

“It’s perfect for hosting Hanuman. We love the excuse to come to Boulder, especially for the food.”

“Our favorite restaurant is Shine,” shares Golden. “The beet hummus is amazing, and their food is as organic and locally sourced as possible!”

Hsu lives in Boulder, and she says it is a fantastic venue for this event, as it’s a haven for outdoor activities and the “setting is otherworldly.”

“There are hiking trails, climbing and mountain biking at your finger tips, all with in 5 to 10 minutes from downtown,” she shares. “The town has a great vibe with a great community of yoga and outdoor enthusiasts, and a young vibrant collage population too. Also, the town is a very conscious place so there is great food!

Many have said it, and Govind Das agrees: Boulder is a “beautifully heartfelt town.”

“The people, the food, the mountains towering above and the overall relaxed vibe,” he says. “We love starting our days meditating by the creek and letting our minds be cleansed and flushed by the sound of the flowing water! We can’t wait to come back!”

For more information, a full event lineup and to get your tickets, visit www.hanumanfestival.comHanuman Festival 2018


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