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Delve into the transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), with M.A. Tammy Sollenberger’s book The One Inside: 30 Days to Your Authentic Self. If you can’t seem to change stubborn habits and feel stuck, The One Inside is the tool you need to transcend. The One Inside differs from formally written self-help books. Sollenberger provides digestible, daily ways to invoke IFS in three phases to help the reader connect inwards.

Sollenberger began studying IFS eight years ago and has since completed many IFS trainings. Three years ago, she started “The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) Podcast,” which you can find on Apple Podcasts. There, Sollenberger interviews researchers and therapists including the founder of IFS, Dr. Richard Schwartz. Although Sollenberger’s podcast illustrates IFS’s elevated effectiveness, listeners repeatedly asked Sollenberger if there was a more absorbable way they could use the tools on their own.

IFS serves as a paradigm to understand the personality and mind in a new light. Sollenberger sought to make IFS relatable and accessible to everyone. She wrote the book to give individuals a way to experiment with and experience the concepts.

“When we think of ourselves in terms of multiple parts, it changes our level of compassion; it’s compassion for ourselves and for other people,” Sollenberger says. “Then I can see that they’re in a part, and I’m in a part. It changes my relationship with myself, and it changes my relationship with other people.”

The One Inside guides you through the IFS model with three phases — mapping, trailheads and healing — to foster awareness, growth and internalization of using the IFS model. Throughout each daily reading, Sollenberger utilizes mindfulness to weave in and familiarize you with IFS concepts to connect deeper.

During the mapping phase, Sollenberger explains what observing your inner IFS model looks like. She discloses relatable testimonials to illustrate her own experiences with different parts of herself. Relating to her words makes the IFS model easier to apply.


Tammy Sollenberger

Trailheads represent an individual trigger. Rather than provoke anger, this trigger or sign can lead you down a path to further get to know its intricacies. The trailhead phase encourages you to reframe your view on triggers; to get curious about what part of you may be reacting instead of shutting down … Sollenberger strengthens your ability to recognize and be patient with your reacting part, so you may naturally better adapt to trailheads and discern them in the future.

The healing phase brings IFS full circle. Sollenberger instructs you to get to know your lesser-desired parts. It could be a part of you that wants to eat all the cookies or your inner critic, for example. In a fresh approach, one gets to know why that part functions the way it does and how it seeks to serve them. Sollenberger directs you to display compassion and love towards the part, to understand it and connect with it in order to heal.

The One Inside administers the IFS model in bite-sized bits, so you may curate change, growth and connection. If read and digested with mindfulness, you can use The One Inside to create transformation within and compassion for yourself and others.

Find out more about The One Inside at TammySollenberger.com

All photos courtesy of Tammy Sollenberger.

Cabrini KlepperCabrini Klepper feels passionately about yoga and meditation as gateways to living a more mindful, present life. When she’s not running or writing, she teaches at CorePower Yoga and the University of Colorado Recreational Center.  She will graduate with a B.A. in journalism and minors in geography, business and sociology from CU. Cabrini currently interns at Jaunt Media Collective, the publishing company behind Spoke+Blossom, Covered Bridge and YOGA + Life magazines. Follow her on instagram @YogaWithCabrini.



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