Complement Your Practice with the Lotus Wrap | By Stacy Johnson

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I loved the Lotus Wrap! I’m prone to occasional low back aches and pains, and the Lotus Wrap felt very comforting. It felt like a warm embrace for my back, and emotionally, it evoked a sense of calm and security. When I used it during restorative and stretching poses, I felt grounded. This wrap could take you from stress, to decompress in no time. Unlike a traditional thin strap made with canvas material, The Lotus Wrap is made from a 100% natural linen and organic blend and feels welcoming on the body.

I also used the Lotus Wrap to deepen balancing poses, Dancer Pose and Half Moon Pose, and I experienced the same results – I was grounded, stable and sturdy. 

I highly recommend this amazing product. Find out more at

Reviewed by Stacy Johnson, E-RYT 200  and MN Yoga & Life Ambassador. Stacy is a wife, mother of 2, and yoga instructor. She believes yoga is a lifestyle that can change you from the inside out. She believes “Yoga practice is life practice.” Stacy also loves reading, warm weather, and being at home with her family. She teaches at The Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center. She has a passion for wellness and helping others to feel their best.



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