Thrive | A Poem by Sandy Ferguson Fuller

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Do you meet and greet the day’s sunrise … Or just survive from nine-to-five?

Do you avoid challenges to try … Or will you dare to take a dive?

Do you step out to exercise … Or just burn out in overdrive?

Do you set free your dreams to fly … Or, too often, see them fade and die?

Do you tempt your soul to strive … Or simply covet more to buy?

Do you celebrate surprise … Or laugh and joke and share high-fives?

Do you care when others cry … Or never hear a quiet sigh?

Do you ponder with the wise … Or ever wonder how or why?

Do you realize your heart relies On sharing truths held in disguise?

When the end of day arrives, Does a blessed sunset light your eyes?

It’s your one life. It’s your one time.

Don’t deprive yourself …

Come alive



Originally published in Summer + Fall 2023 issue of Colorado YOGA + life.


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