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Fort Collins is home to a health summit and expo company founded by Andrea Ridder called Wunder Health. On April 6th, Wunder Health held an all-day Gut Check Summit featuring some of the best speakers that Colorado has to offer in regards to functional medicine.

The speakers ranged from medical professionals to a chef, and from motivational speakers to CBD enthusiasts. Some of the highlights were when Dr. Ed Carriere spoke about his own illness and the best preventative measures that we could take to help us from developing serious illnesses. Another of my favorite speakers for the day was Susan Hay. Susan is a woman recovering from an eating disorder, and her vulnerability was refreshing after a day of some very science-based presentations. Another presenter who was also honored by Wunder Health was a doctor named Mary Rondeau. She gave a presentation with a lot of pointers for getting small doses of exercise in throughout the day and ways that you can get your kids to eat their veggies!

Presenter Jacki Carr

All in all, most speakers said the same thing: trust your gut and listen to your body. Some presenters liked Keto, some talked about a vegan lifestyle, some touched on being gluten free… but no matter the regimen, they all said the same thing: eat real food!

Overall, arching themes were take probiotics, stay away from processed foods, if you do an elimination diet then truly do it (no cheating), get good sleep, stress less, move your body and drink lots of water!

The day also included a nice fermented lunch with time to stroll around the booths of vendors and sponsors.

Wunder Health will be expanding its reach with events in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 20th of 2020. They’ll continue their April event in Fort Collins, and then they will also be having an event in Denver in the Fall of 2020.

For more fun tips and information, check out their podcast here!

You can also find them on Instagram at @wunder.life & @wunderhealth.

Photos courtesy of Wunder Health.

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