Yoga & Collective Resilience : Hanuman Community Offers Online Event | By Wendy Wilkinson

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During this time of stress, on-going change and self-evaluation, Hanuman has decided to take their traditional festival online to create an international and embracing weekend to awaken ourselves and celebrate life. The event will include interviews and a panel discussion with various black leaders in the community.

The goal is for the yoga community to address blind spots and unchecked biases, and hear from our leaders on access points of karma yoga. Featured presenters include Tyrone Beverly, Hanuman founder Yoshi Aono, Kat Tudor and Miguel Angel Vergara. Held June 12 + 13, this online gathering is free to all who sign up and will include 20-plus classes, interviews, talks, and live music.

“As you know, we have postponed our 10th anniversary Hanuman Festival until 2021,” explains Aono. “However, we’re presenting an online summit, ‘Yoga & Collective Resilience,’ with all of your favorite teachers, offering wisdom, practices, meditation, dance and music. Hanuman has always been about co-creating a gathering with you as our community and we look forward to seeing you, our community, online.”

Presenters include: Anand Mehrotra, Michelle C. Johnson, Tyrone Beverly, Saul David Raye, Hemalayaa, R.R. Shakti, Olivia Hsu, Tracy Jennings-Hill, Tiffany Bush, Reginald Hubbard, Julie Holly, Amber Ryan, Juan Pablo Barahona, David Newman and many more. You will learn practices and insights into how the technology of yoga can help us explore our shadows, identify external blind spots and learn how to engage in activism.

For Hanuman’s free online gathering, Yoga & Collective Resilience, visit

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