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Atherial : Aerial Yoga + Aerial Barre in Denver | By Taylor Rose Worden

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Located in the Sunnyside neighborhood, Atherial Fitness is Denver’s only full suspension studio. The name “Atherial” is a play on words — the combination of athlete and aerial while alluding to ethereal, or light, delicate and graceful. Hence the tag line: Where Athlete Meets Air. Here, the term athlete is all-encompassing — referring to any person who is willing to physically participate. With the mission of creating something that is accessible to everybody and for every body, Atherial offers a variety of classes suited for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Atherial classes are designed to be an extension of your mat yoga or barre practice, creating an elevated experience to take your practice to new heights. Offerings are rooted in the Volo Aerial method of suspension fitness: Flow, Float, Invert, Restore, Barre, and coming soon, Adapt and Baby.

Suspension fitness restores overworked muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints through low-impact stretching and strengthening techniques. Inversion therapy allows for the natural pull of gravity to decompress and realign the spinal column, thereby improving bloodcirculationand supporting healthy organ function. Beyond the physical aspect, Atherial classes boost your self-esteem by having conquered a basic fear, learning to trust your own strength, and empowering you to “let go.”

Atherial uses state-of-the-art climbing equipment and worked with certified architects to ensure student safety. Volo Fundamentals is a pre-requisite for all aerial classes.

The studio space itself is simple and immaculate, calm and relaxed. It can be very intimidating to walk into a new studio, or to take a class for the very first time. Atherial is a sacred and loving space, where students and teachers alike feel warmed and welcomed. Students are encourage to show up early, and to take time to turn inward and float. They are encourage to stay late, and to participate in conversation with other like-minded individuals over tea or maybe even a glass of wine. The studio is designed to be a community center, a breeding place of creativity and authentic exchange. This is supported by the belief that there is always something to learn, not just about the practice, but about the people who show up to practice together.

The studio is designed to be a community center, a breeding place of creativity and authentic exchange.

Atherial gives back to non-profits that will help positively grow the Denver community. Pulling in even the furriest members of the community, puppy yoga classes are offered in conjunction with Sunshine Canyon Dog Rescue. Students have the unique opportunity to practice alongside adoptable puppies.

This studio creates the opportunity to try something new, improve your health and give back to your community. Breaking down ego is part of the experience, and this gift of vulnerability fosters not only student-teacher, but student-student connection. We become one another’s support system, which in turn strengthens our own. The practice invites the inner child to come out and play, laugh, explore. Students leave feeling lighter and with a sense of accomplishment each and every time.

Atherial is located at 3905 Fox Street in Denver. For more information, visit

Photo by Brady Poppel.

Taylor Rose is a dreamer, writer and wildly energetic being. She has her Masters in Environmental Leadership, is certified in Authentic Leadership, and teaches various forms of yoga. She believes we are a physical embodiment of the sacred source and our purpose is to not only witness, but to participate in the inexhaustible celebration we call life. Taylor Rose strives to help others reach new levels of awareness and appreciation for the magic and mystery of our world, both internally and externally.

Originally published in the Summer + Fall 2017 issue


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