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Book Review : Wild Yoga: A Practice of Initiation, Veneration & Advocacy for the Earth | Reviewed by YOGA + life Staff

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Through simple movements and creative concepts that will inspire beginner and seasoned yogis alike, Wild Yoga: A Practice of Initiation, Veneration & Advocacy for the Earth is an invitation to live from the soul. Author Rebecca Wildbear empowers readers to create a personal practice that stretches their awareness and awakens their connection to the place we all most deeply belong to: the Earth.

“When we are in our bodies, at one with nature, we are in touch with intelligence more significant than our minds,” shares Wildbear. “Nature can inspire our movements, align us with our instincts, initiate us into living our soul’s purpose and guide us in tending the well-being of all life.”

wild yoga

Part one encourages readers to return to their instinctual nature, welcome ferocity, receive the love of trees and listen to dreams. Part two invites them to open up to the mystery of what they love and grieve, descend into darkness and be sung back to life by the living planet. In part three, Wildbear guides readers to listen to their muse, dream for the world and protect wild places. Each chapter concludes with a yoga pose that supports the theme of the chapter, with illustrations by Sarah E. Brooks to help readers visualize the poses.

“Marrying the healing practice of yoga — strength, flexibility, relaxation, presence — with reverence for nature, Wild Yoga catalyzes our curiosity to explore our dreams and the mysteries of life and to grow our capacities to live in reciprocity with the Earth,” adds Wildbear. “Our wellness and our planet home are linked. The Earth needs people who can live their purpose and honor and advocate for the natural world.”

By honestly sharing her personal experiences, as well as the experience of many clients, Wildbear shows readers how to: meet their bodies and emotions where they are, including grief, trauma and vulnerability; tune in to the natural world around them — whether backyard, seashore or mountain — or an imagined dream place; commune with the Earth’s body through their own body and, thus, to all the peoples and places around them.

“May these teachings, stories and practices offer a path to open your heart to what is most sacred. May they ground you in love and strength,” says Wildbear. “May they restore your relationship with the Earth so that you and your dreams, mystery and muse, may live in co-creative reciprocity with life on the planet.”

Learn more and order a copy at newworldlibrary.com.

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