Channeled Clarity : Alisa Messeroff Helps Us Unblock Stagnant Energy + Cultivate Vitality | By Lisa Blake

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Everyone has their own go-to way to reset and re-center. Sometimes it’s exercise, journaling, self-care or meditating — the list is as long as the imagination allows.

“A lot of people haven’t even tried to re-center themselves,” says Breckenridge-based Reiki and energy healer Alisa Messeroff. “They have that heavy anxious anxiety, and they don’t know what to do with it. And then it gets displaced and projected onto someone else.”

Messeroff founded Channeled Clarity after realizing her intuitive gift in which she can tap into the subconscious to reveal stuck energy and traumas. Her clients share tales of epiphanies and rebirths through Messeroff’s on-point visions and spirit connections. Her gift lies in feeling emotions coming off of others and helping them to open chakras and realign. Here, Messeroff shares five proven tips for releasing stale energy and finding inner calm.


“When I have something bothering me and I feel agitated, the first thing I do when I start feeling that tension in my chest is close my eyes and take a deep breath in. I’m very aware that breathwork and breathing is key. I take a deep breath in and I hold it and count to ten and then I release it. I do that over and over. When I’m exhaling, it’s 10 seconds out. I do that three or four times to calm my body, open my chakras and to center myself.”


“I like to meditate, and I always set the intention that I’m going to peel the layers back. Visualize an onion and start peeling the layers. It’s all about asking ‘why.’ Why are you feeling upset? Answer it. I’m feeling upset, because I have an anxious feeling. Why do you have an anxious feeling? And go on from there. Keep peeling away at the layers. Ask those whys and start peeling back and keep digging into those whys, and you’ll see how powerful it is.”


“I would love to say that I’m a hardcore journaler. I am not. But, if I get into a block with someone else I love to write someone a letter. I’ll put everything down into that letter, reread it, make sure I’ve got everything and then I hand that letter to them. It’s a different form of journaling. I am all about putting it all out there. No one is judging you. It’s really important to put into the universe what is bothering you, so you can get to the root cause and work through it.”


“I used to love to exercise and go to the gym. But now, because of COVID, I don’t go to the gym. Now I turn on Spotify and just dance. I don’t even think my husband knows this, because I do it when no one is home — because it’s just fun and it makes me feel good and it resets me.”


“Lastly, my sister is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner, so she does Tapping. I’ve been doing a lot of work with her to release different blockages. You can do it on your own, but I recommend a practitioner. And, of course, Reiki is an excellent way to recharge your energy.”

“Energy is an amazing force,” Messeroff adds. “Once you can fully say ‘I love myself’ and you mean it from your core, everything starts aligning. Until you fully love yourself, you can’t fully love another human being, and you can’t fully embrace the world that you’re living in.”

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Photo Courtesy of Alisa Messeroff.

Originally published in the Winter + Spring 2020-21 issue of CO YOGA + Life Magazine

Lisa Blake is a freelance writer living in Breckenridge, specializing in dining, outdoors, ski resorts and wellness. She is happiest on her mountain bike, yoga mat or in a raft with her husband, son and pug. Her work has been featured in Aspen Modern Luxury, Purist, and Find her at


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