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Holistic Yoga School : Loveland + Fort Collins | By Sweta Karki

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Founder Krista Davis describes Holistic Yoga School as “a labor of love.” Located in both Loveland and Fort Collins, the school offers weekly classes, retreats, workshops and trainings for aspiring yoga teachers. A big part of holistic self-care is meeting yourself where you are, and a sense of connection to body, mind and spirit is encouraged in all the school’s offerings.

HYS Retreat Sunnybrook

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Yoga can be applicable to anybody in any situation, and Davis wants to foster growth by creating spaces that are welcoming and accommodating. The sessions go beyond having a meditative experience or being in a relaxing space; they are about encouraging people to trust their intuition.

Holistic Yoga School is a hub for people to be present, feel peaceful and release accumulated tension. Hugs and warm welcomes are normal in the studio. The classes are also unique in that they are suitable for all levels, so beginners can jump right in.

For those interested in the offerings of the school but cannot afford them, there are scholarships available on a sliding scale.

“If we can touch one person’s life with yoga, then they go out into the world, and it naturally spreads to their families and the communities around them,” Davis says. She tries to honor many lineages and to look at the practice of yoga as diverse and varied.

All the programs at the school use inclusive language and style.

The weekly classes at Holistic Yoga School allow people to get a deep reset. By the end of the hour, students have said they feel “empowered” and “tranquil.” Sessions may be centered on a more traditional sequence that emphasizes balance and breath or more restorative practices to help replenish the energy centers of the body and improve long-term flexibility while creating a calm mind.

Workshops include sessions on how to start sharing yoga with children, for instance, and sessions to help yogis refine understanding on a specific topics like adjustments and enhancements within a yoga practice.

The school also offers retreats, held in both Guatemala and Colorado. Over a three to four-day retreat, practitioners are able to immerse themselves fully and engage in enriching classes. Retreat days are planned out with activities and also include time for self-reflection. Some people will choose to forgo technology for the length of the retreat and develop skills to bring back into their daily lives.

The training program at Holistic Yoga School is open to anyone and virtual options are also available. Davis mentions how they have had students as young as 14 and as old as 92 become certified yoga teachers!

There are many ways to practice yoga, and Holistic Yoga School teachers encourage mistakes as a means of growth. The instructors are not just focused on yoga postures or the physical body; they value supporting your personal journey.

“A powerful part of my job is being able to see people’s healing,” shares Davis. Offerings at Holistic Yoga School promote healthy personal change and support a community that prioritizes well-being.

Learn more at holisticyogaschool.com.

Photos courtesy of Holistic Yoga School. 

Originally published in Winter + Spring 2022-23 issue.

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