Q + A with Laura Rust : Co-founder of BIG Power Yoga and Out Here Yoga

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What has your practice instilled in you?

My practice has instilled in me a balance of unleashing my creative energy (sukha) and being firm in my purpose and commitments (sthira). I used to think that I couldn’t have both. I thought that if I committed to something that would take away the possibility of play, fun, spontaneity and creativity. Now I know that when I give my word to something a higher level of creativity actually emerges in me. Because of what I’ve learned from my yoga practice, I now work hard and produce real results in my life and my work AND I am able to have more fun that I thought was possible while doing it! This ability starts with being able to commit to a steady drishti and creative action and a challenging pose. It all starts with a physical experience in yoga and then expands out into everything.

How do you create a powerful sequence?

As a Baptiste Yoga teacher, my sequences all start from the framework of the Journey Into Power sequence created by Baron Baptiste. This sequence is tried-and-true and strengthens and opens every muscle in the body. I love having a framework to start from so that I don’t have to spend my time trying to reinvent the wheel every class. Instead, I spend my time refining my delivery and doing personal growth work so that I can show up as a more impactful teacher. Then, in order to express myself creatively and teach my students different things within this framework, I move some poses around, add in specific teachings points, build up to challenging peak poses, and cue things in a way that has my students discover something new for themselves

Where do you feel the most inspired?

I have two answers for this question — one is a place in time and the other is a physical place.

1) I feel the most inspired in the creation stage of a project that I’m passionate about. I get energized by the chance to take a leap, to move forward with starting something important, especially when it’s a bit risky. I believe that anything worth doing involves some risk and guts. When I take action during this time, I feel powerful and proud. And then what’s even more inspiring is when a community starts coming together to make it happen. I’m experiencing this right now as I work on opening two new studios in Colorado. I’m more inspired than ever. practice

2) I feel the most inspired when I’m in the mountains or the ocean. These vast forms of nature are humbling, energizing and incredibly restorative for me. As a business owner it’s easy to spend a majority of my time in front of screens. The realness of getting outside is the perfect balance to that. I’m especially inspired when I’m challenging myself physically in these environments. Nothing beats that rush and the relaxation that follows.

Name three people who have deeply influenced your life. practice

The three biggest influencers in my life have been Baron Baptiste, Susanne Conrad and Seth Godin. They each hold a high vision for what’s possible in the development of human beings, continually challenge the status quo, and do highly impactful work in developing leaders who are up to something bigger than themselves.

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Originally published in the Summer + Fall 2017 issue.


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