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Renew Your Energy With Crystals | By Cabrini Klepper

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Crystals portray mysticism and imagination. In the moment, it’s enticing to purchase one at your local rock shop only to leave it sitting on a shelf with occasional admiration. Most people know the stigma encircling crystals: they emit good energy of sorts. However, not many people perceive or utilize their energetic capabilities.

Choose Your Crystals

It can be overwhelming to peruse various crystal bins and read surmising cards, intent on finding the perfect stone. Instead, certified crystologist Angelia LaRue recommends one hold a hand four to six inches above the stones and focus on elemental energies, rather than superficial cosmetics.

LaRue owns Crystal Arrays in Boulder, Colorado where she provides healing sessions utilizing crystal circuitry (including her original Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed), among many other services.

“I held out my hand and could feel almost a little breeze — like baby’s breath, this little energy,” LaRue says about her first time feeling for a crystal. “You know those sparklers kids would hold at the 4th of July? If you were to hold your hand out at the edge of where the sparkles went to, where you could hold your hand without it being too hot? That’s what it felt like. Some have more and some have less.”

Each Crystal’s Superpower

Connect to your crystals with complete presence, if only for a few moments at a time.

Meditation aided by crystals has become increasingly popular. The beholder may benefit by focusing on an amethyst’s properties — such as weight, size and texture — to become present and evolve consciousness.

Call on a stone like obsidian during stressful times such as during traffic or before an important meeting. Hold it, feel it and absorb its energy to derive peace and calm.

In times of exhaustion and depletion, absorb energy from a citrine crystal to boost pizzazz and moxie.

When getting ready for a date, gently sit with rose quartz to stimulate love and vitality. Then slip it into your pocket to twiddle with when nervousness strikes.

One morning sun rays cascade into your room, and you notice a minor ache in your neck. Now is a crowning time to clasp fluorite: a crystal with multi-colored bands aligned at frequencies to mend the human body.

Inside a Crystal Arrays Healing Session

LaRue’s Crystal Arrays service fixates on the rare and powerful properties of quartz. Some people refer to quartz as a “Universal Crystal” for its prominence in electronics and healing. Technological manufacturers use quartz as high-performance resonators in filters and oscillators in devices like cell phones, television receivers, computers and clocks.

Essentially, quartz takes a broad spectrum of messy energy and narrows it down to a vigorous, cleansed energy. According to LaRue, quartz do the same thing with us by working with our auric field, — a cloud of omnifarious energies surrounding each of us.

Angelia LaRue, Crystals, CrystalArrays, Boulder

“When we hold a quartz crystal, it cleans up some of that energy and gets us back to the essence of what we are,” LaRue explains. “With training, we can use that quartz to amplify cosmic energy, which can help us heal ourselves, evolve our consciousness and basically use it as free energy.”

 LaRue works with integrated circuits established by scientific-based experimentation to restructure energy. The result of LaRue’s methodology is stronger and longer lasting. For a typical two-hour Crystal Array session, one can expect an initial consultation and cleansing with LaRue. Then, LaRue will choose a unique crystal array for the client, which the client will lay with on the Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed for about 20 minutes.

LaRue manufactured the Crystal Bio Bed after accumulating years of training on utilizing crystal circuitry and metals as energetic antennae. Clients come to LaRue typically inspired by an intuitive yearning then leave feeling energized, alert, revitalized and free of minor pains in the body. Most importantly, they go forth awakened to the endless possibilities of crystal energy.

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Photos courtesy of Angelia LaRue.

Cabrini Klepper, Crystals, CrystalArrays, BoulderCabrini Klepper feels passionately about yoga and meditation as a gateway to living a more mindful, present life. When she’s not running or writing, she teaches at CorePower Yoga and the University of Colorado Recreational Center in Boulder.  She will graduate with a B.A. in journalism and minors in geography, business and sociology from CU. Cabrini currently interns at Jaunt Media Collective, the publishing company behind Spoke+Blossom, Covered Bridge and YOGA + Life magazines.

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