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Say Goodbye to Good and Bad | By Angela Gaffney

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There are two words I often hear in my coaching. They are used when a client is describing how well he or she managed to incorporate the food strategies I’ve shared with them. It usually goes something like this: “Angela, I was so good for 5 days straight and then I just completely fell off track; we went to a party and I was so bad all weekend long!” Their expression often looks strained, ashamed, and embarrassed. But why? Why all the fuss about being good or bad? It’s not a healthy way to live and only puts strain on your relationship with your body and food.

Most often, people describe themselves as “good” or “bad” as it relates to their food consumption. The reality though is that we are all good people. We may make poor choices and fuel our body with foods that wreak havoc instead of supporting us in health, but this doesn’t make us a bad person. Maybe it was a stressful day, or you found yourself tired during your afternoon meeting and gave into chocolate, or it was a special occasion, so you ate a little more than you usually do. We get very used to making choices that are familiar, quick and easy, but they don’t always serve us the best. Let’s focus on how we can slow down, shift perspective and make high-quality conscious choices at the table and in life. The first thing we need to do is get rid of the words good and bad.

Next, it’s time to shift our mindset from guilt, restriction and shame to freedom and power. We each have the power to choose; and we also have the freedom to do so without guilt. Here’s how you can make the shift happen. It starts with recognizing that you can make a conscious choice about how you want to participate in any situation, regardless of how stressful it may be. In any decision, whether it’s about food or life, ask yourself “What will it provide me to make this choice?” Just by simply pausing and asking yourself this question, you’ll be more apt to make a conscious decision that will support you in health and happiness. Once the decision is made, own it and move forward. No guilt, no regrets. And if by chance you realize it wasn’t the best decision for you at that time, stop and assess why. Understand the impact it had on you, learn from the situation and choose differently next time. No need to beat yourself up about it. None of us are perfect, but we can all learn and continue to grow.

We each have the power to choose; and we also have the freedom to do so without guilt.

Now, say your goodbyes to good and bad, and step into your power and freedom!

Angela Gaffney, CHC, is a catalyst for healthy transformation. After overcoming a disease she was told would take her life, Angela teaches others simple strategies to achieve health and excel in their career. Angela is the best-selling author of Feel Good, Look Good, For Life. To hire Angela to speak at your next event, discuss a wellness program for your corporation, or take advantage of complimentary health tools, please visit

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