A Modern Day Yogini’s Path of Awakening | By Jeanie Manchester

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What if I told you awakening means living your best life harnessed to your capacities, talents and gifts while healing your deepest pain and feelings of limitation in life?

As a modern yogini living in the world, mother of two, wife, teacher and friend, I have pondered this topic as well as studied and practiced for many years. What the ancient householder paths of yoga prescribed was a daily dose of mantra meditation given under the auspices of a qualified teacher and sacred ceremony. As we properly learn to immerse within, we begin accessing the underlying vibrational essence of life that transforms our pain into potential. Over time, we raise the vibration within.

In other words, we gain access to a lot more creative energy when those pesky negative thoughts are no longer taking up space. Slowly, our negative patterns no longer hold us captive to feelings of insecurity, doubt and fear but rather we open pathways for energy to flow. Energy that has destiny and direction for our most potent life. Just like the seed of an oak tree, when properly nourished, follows its destiny to grow and prosper (in its true nature), we, too, have seeds of potential and destiny waiting to be tapped.

In contrast, we also have memories that are painful, detrimental and non-serving that must be released. As we nourish these seeds of potential through daily practice, we learn to surrender to the vibration within and begin a healing process that leaves us more vibrant, capable and secure which allows our destiny to flow unimpeded. Ultimately, awakening requires a daily period of deep immersive meditation, stabilized inner states where we access true worthiness and capacity for life.

As we heal our trauma and limiting beliefs, creativity naturally blossoms as well as feelings of generosity, kindness, joy and freedom. While loss and grief are innate to living a human life, we find ourselves more stable during painful experiences.

As we “dip our cloth” in the vibratory bubble bath of consciousness, each day we heal, release and emerge more whole. This wholeness, this soma (honey-like elixir), is at the heart of planetary peace and awakening. Everybody has the capacity to awaken to more and more potential in life. Meditation is the path and mantra is the key to your deepest longing to love more wholly, to prosper, thrive and find happiness and peace in this life.

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