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Yoga was originally a practice created by males for males. Traditional yoga and the foundations of nearly every asana we practice today were designed with a man’s body in mind. While there is nothing wrong with a traditional practice, it has become more apparent that yoga which honors and celebrates the feminine is necessary.

The cure to something that’s been hidden away

This is where Buti Yoga is trailblazing. There is no doubt that the fusion of power vinyasa-style yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, plyometrics and the primal movements of Buti Yoga will shape your body. “Buti” isn’t a cute word to symbolize the body sculpting effects of the practice — it’s actually a Marathi Indian term for “the cure to something that’s been hidden away or kept secret.”

As a woman walks into a Buti Yoga practice she has the power to transform and heal her body and spirit from within. As the music gets louder, the beat booms through the floor, sweat begins to drip and the secret of her power is unveiled.


In a Buti Yoga class you can expect a rigorous physical workout that tones the sexy curves of a woman’s body while simultaneously unleashing each individual’s true personal power and full spiritual potential. In Buti Yoga they call it sweating with intention. Every movement is offered as a cure to any previous internal struggle with fear, feeling lack, or perceptions of weakness.

Women come together to speak what’s written on their souls

The music is loud. The movement is intense. And the energy is powerful and fun!

The Buti Yoga practice focuses on removing blockages in the first and second chakras to then activate our sexuality, power and confidence. Each movement focuses on activating the spiral structure of the core to engage the deep abdominal muscles and stimulate the endocrine system. Instead of practicing linear alignments found in traditional yoga, Buti offers movements that work the body on all planes.

Buti is a women’s-only practice and participants are encouraged to show up, bare whatever amount of skin feels comfortable and shake whatever they are carrying.

The practice is more than asana and movement; it’s a community expanding from studios to online forums where women come together to share their experience and speak what’s written on their souls.

TERESA PETERSON is a Colorado-born writer with a passion for movement. She  finds that the balance of both yoga and martial arts improves her practice from one mat to the other, and together they improve her overall experience of each day. Teresa is in the process of finishing her first yoga teacher training program at Yoga Off Broadway in Eagle, Colorado. Aside from movement, her background is in communications where she can be found consulting on event production, wellness and fitness industry promotions, as well as writing for various publications and her personal website itsteresa.com
Photo by Meghan Pflepsen Zender

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