When Your Self-Talk is Negative, ERASE IT | by Juli Rathke

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It happens. We all do it. But knowing you are doing it over and over gives your negative self-talk power over your thoughts, and this changes your energy.

There are many things in life we can not control. Things like how people perceive us, others’ motivations whether good or bad, or how people are going to treat you. Many times we let the uncertainty and the anxieties that are associated with this stuff we can not control take power by beating ourselves up about why something isn’t going a certain way, or why we haven’t been noticed at work, or why this person isn’t being honest with their intentions, etc.

I like to call this conversation, “Shit-Talk!” When we let ourselves enter into a cycle of negative self-talk we only add fuel to the fire, add more sleepless nights and early mornings, and more mood swings where we take it out on the people who matter most. Well, I have a solution to help you ERASE the shit-talk.

First you have to acknowledge that you are doing it. This takes a little time. But then, every time you say one thing about yourself that you don’t like, follow it up (immediately) with saying two things that you do like. Soon you will begin to love yourself a bit more this way and lessen the grip the uncertainties around you have on you.

We can only grow from our experiences and our strengths. Stop with the virtual black-eye every day and start focusing on the positive. Once you do this, you will realize your energy will change and you will start to attract more of the same and those uncertainties won’t feel so powerful anymore.

With Love,

Juli Rathke,
Publisher/Founder YOGA+Life®


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