Love is the Greatest Adventure : The Couples Retreat Experience

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When exploring the mountains, sometimes you get lost. You get turned around and confused, unsure which way to go next. The same feeling of being lost often happens in relationships too. We become disorientated by the disconnection we feel, bewildered by how we got to this point and unclear what to do next. It’s a scary place for couples. And just like on the trail, when you become lost, this is when couples need an expert guide to show them the route back to feeling secure and solid together.

As a therapist who specializes in repairing and strengthening relationships, I am this guide for lost couples. When a relationship is on the brink, and it can feel like there’s no other option but to separate, I step in to reassure all hope isn’t lost. I’m able to set the pace and redirect conversations so that we can discover what is at the core of the disconnection. The work I do with couples lasts, because we don’t get distracted by “skills” and “tools” that dissolve overtime. We work to get to the true emotional core.

It is only through emotions that we can build and create lasting heartfelt connection.

The Couples Retreat experience is a unique service I provide, offering an alternative to ongoing therapy. It’s a perfect answer for couples who desire a weekend away or who crave a more intensive or private experience. The Couples Retreat explores the dynamics of your relationship to rediscover deeper emotional connection. It’s a perfect blend of mountain adventure while also working to strengthen (and save) your relationship.

The Couples Retreat Experience

Private + Personalized

Unlike other couples or marriage retreats, this experience is an individualized and private experience. Our time together is customized to your relationship goals and needs. You won’t need to worry about the strangeness of being with other couples and can focus solely on each other. Because after all, this is YOUR relationship.

A Mountain Getaway

These retreat experiences are so special because they provide the additional opportunity to escape into the mountains together. This protected time away from distractions like work, children and other responsibilities is often essential to reconnecting. Couples spend time hiking, taking in views of the Gore Range, and simply being together. I provide ample time between our meetings to schedule adventures and the ability to explore the surrounding mountains.

Expert Guidance

As a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT), understanding the challenging dynamics that create disconnection in relationships is my specialty. EFT carries 20+ years of research to validate its effectiveness in helping couples heal, even when they are on the brink. Couples often tell me how different their experience is when working with me compared to other therapy experiences.

Join me in the Colorado mountains and let me guide you back to feeling connected again!

Register for your weekend getaway now. Before they’re all booked!

Jessica Heaney, LCSW, is a Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist based in Vail, CO. She is the founder of the Vail Relationship Institute where she and her team of clinicians specialize in healing relationships through counseling, training and events. Jessica is a dog lover and mountain explorer. Learn more about her and her work at

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